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The community of Mount Angel was named in 1883 by the Reverend Father Adelhelm Odermatt, after Engelberg, Switzerland, where he obtained his theological training. [Mount Angel s the anglicized version of the German name Engelberg.]

Benjamin Cleaver came to Oregon in 1848 and in 1850 settled at the present site of Mount Angel. Some years later he planned a townsite to be named Roy, and his adjoining neighbor, George Settlemier, actually platted a place in 1881 with the name Frankfort.

1881 railroad station established and named Fillmore after James M. Fillmore, an official of the railroad.

1882 Cleaver bought the Settlemier townsite and changed the name to Roy.

1883 Father Odermatt built a pilgrimage chapel on the summit of Lone Butte [aka Tap-a-lam-a-ho; a name used by the Indians to indicate a place for communion with the Great Spirit] and named both the butte and the community Mount Angel.

1893 the city of Mt. Angel was incorporated. Both the city and the railroad used the abbreviation but the post office was Mount Angel.

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